Fruit color variation and diversification of a circum-Pacific clade of plants,the tribe Gaultherieae

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  Fleshy fruit is generally thought to have evolved for effective seed dispersal by frugivores.However,the variation of fleshy fruit colors and its adaptive significance in plant diversity has received little attention in an evolutionary context.
Mangroves are woody plants growing in the extreme environment of intertidal zone on tropical and subtropical coasts.When invading intertidal zone,mangroves have convergently evolved similar phenotypic
Lancea tibetica,endemic to Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau(QTP),is an important traditional Tibetan medicine,used in the treatment of leukaemia,intestinal angina,heart diseases and cough.Here we investigated
The species-rich Gesneriaceae are typically a tropical family in Asia,showing a monophyletic radiation and high endemism in Southwest China and Hainan Island.The Chinese species have diverse floral tr